Special Fundraiser on Friday the 13th      (6PM to 9PM)

Two of our actors and members of the Nightmares Haunted House Family were in a horrible car accident in September. Ezra and Samuel Thompson suffered third degree burns over 80% of their bodies and are still in extremely serious condition in the burn unit in Springfield. 

Nightmares will open the doors for one more night to raise money to help these boys in thier time of need. This will be donations only and 100% of the money raised will go directly to the boys.

Please tell everyone you know to come out and support this effort. The experience will be fantastic and your donations will be going to the most worthy cause. Please be generous, this haunt was rated 5 out of 5 stars by spookthefourstates.com. One of only two Haunts receiving 5 stars in the four states (MO, AR, OK, KS)


The night the bus went down (for those who missed the bus ride)

Makeup rides will take place on this night (Friday the 13th) as well. Come ride the bus for free and if you choose, make a donation and go through the rest of the haunt. 


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"Never disappointed!
You guys top yourselves
every year! This year
was by far one of the best!"
~Deanna Harner

"We had some special needs and they catered to us so well. Thank you so much! Bless you all." ~Darin VanBlaricom

"We had such a good time. The bus ride is the best!! I would take that ride again any time!" ~Beth Goldberg Brault

"I haven't had that much fun in years! That honestly blew away the Mortuary Haunted House in New Orleans!" ~Tracy Henson

"It's totally worth going to! My kids love it!" ~Shelly Taldo Mayfield

"We had a blast! Definitely check this one out!!!" ~April Parkhurst

"This place was by far the best haunted house I've been to! Everyone should go! :D" ~Brianna Gandy

"By far the best we have been to. Will be back next year...." ~Mike Crosswhite

"I have been to so many haunted houses, haunted trail rides, haunted mazes, ect. and this was by far the best and funnest ever." ~Darin VanBlaricom

"I wanna go to this again, this is awesome!" ~Samantha Geer

"The haunted house was awesome! Thank you for helping make Halloween great!" ~Jason Sminchak


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