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"Never disappointed!
You guys top yourselves
every year! This year
was by far one of the best!"
~Deanna Harner

"We had some special needs and they catered to us so well. Thank you so much! Bless you all." ~Darin VanBlaricom

"We had such a good time. The bus ride is the best!! I would take that ride again any time!" ~Beth Goldberg Brault

"I haven't had that much fun in years! That honestly blew away the Mortuary Haunted House in New Orleans!" ~Tracy Henson

"It's totally worth going to! My kids love it!" ~Shelly Taldo Mayfield

"We had a blast! Definitely check this one out!!!" ~April Parkhurst

"This place was by far the best haunted house I've been to! Everyone should go! :D" ~Brianna Gandy

"By far the best we have been to. Will be back next year...." ~Mike Crosswhite

"I have been to so many haunted houses, haunted trail rides, haunted mazes, ect. and this was by far the best and funnest ever." ~Darin VanBlaricom

"I wanna go to this again, this is awesome!" ~Samantha Geer

"The haunted house was awesome! Thank you for helping make Halloween great!" ~Jason Sminchak


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